Saturday, November 03, 2012

Paper Autumn

This past summer, I posted about my collaboration with BL:ND creating papercraft sets for an advertising campaign for Sweet 'N Low designed to play throughout the year.  As we're now zooming into fall - or as near to a season change we experience here in Southern California - here's a decidedly autumnal scenic piece that I worked on.

The "living room" seen above on my desk, looked wonderfully warm and cozy after the lighting designer worked his magic.  In the final print ads, the room serves as backdrop for a "Spiced Cider Tea" recipe. Sounds good to me!


Carrie Vines said...

looks amazing!

Tris Mast said...

That's great! It would also be a fun pop-up Christmas card.

Christopher said...

Great! Like the angle trick to make it photo well. Thought I saw you at Disney Land on 11/3. Maybe not. ANyways - always like your work.

Sean and Kim Smith said...

Where would an artist learn how to do paper sculpture? Is it something that can be self taught with a good book or video tutorial, or is it something that should be learned at school? Thanks!