Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 50th Swiss Family Treehouse!

LA Times ad, November 1962
 Just in time for 1962.  The world's greatest treehouse opened at Disneyland fifty years ago today.

The treehouse taking root in the summer of '62.
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Graffer said...

And desecrated in June 1999 with the opening of Tarzan's Treehouse.

Knott'sAfterDark said...

I remember listening to the Swisskapolka while standing in the long queue for "The Pirates of the Caribbean." It made that long wait so much more pleasant!

Patrick Romandy-Simmons said...

I miss that every time I visit the park. Wish it was still there.

JMG said...

(Yes, I know I'm late to comment. Sue me.)

This is one of those RARE instances where WDW actually stands out over DL in terms of "historical preservation"...usually it's us in Florida who suffer beloved attractions being gouged out to make room for the next fleeting fad.