Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fine Art of Marc Davis

Queequeg Pursuing Moby Dick, 1956

There have been some exceptional art shows in Los Angeles this year, and another just opened this week:   "The Fine Art of Marc Davis" at Glendale's Forest Lawn Museum.

Horses Seeing Red, 1950
From the creative mind that conjured  Tinker Bell and Maleficent, come these fabulous images in oil, charcoal, acrylics and watercolor.
1956 Romance
According to his widow Alice, Marc would come home from the Disney studio in the evening, relax in front of the television, and work on his projects.  While watching football, boxing or a rodeo, Marc would sketch nature, harlequins, bullfighters, mythological creatures and abstracts.
Marc's Tree, 1958
The exhibit also contains a few of his beautiful sculptural pieces, including a Roman helmet made of wire, which I am particularly obsessed with.  It was just another side of this remarkable talent.

The exhibit runs through July 26, and it's FREE ...and so is parking. 


Matt said...

man these are good - I love that heavy line, and am obsessed with that tree already. it's things like this that make me want to live on the west coast. thanks for sharing these.

Emily said...

There's no way I'm going to miss seeing these! Gotta go to Burbank.

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Christopher said...

I live in the wrong country dammit!

designerd said...

Awesome post. I love the Moby Dick Painting!
If you like "Marc's Tree" check out the special edition Sleeping Beauty DVD that came out a few months ago. In the special features is a short called "4 Artists Paint 1 Tree" it follows the artistic processes of Disney Legends Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle, Josh Meador, and Walt Peregoy as the four of them paint the same Oak Tree at the same time. "Marc's Tree" is the result of that short!

Great stuff!

RE said...

Thanks for passing on the info! I went to the gallery and Marc's work is beautiful!


Unknown said...
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