Sunday, July 03, 2016

Gifts From Disneyland 1960

Oh, for a time machine!
Shopping at Disneyland in 1960 was the BEST ever.  
Look at all the fun things you can buy.
What are we waiting for?  Let's shop!

  Even the catalog, colorfully illustrated, is a wonderful souvenir.
And who wouldn't want a "Magic Surprise Box" from Disneyland?

A Skyway Chalet that tells the weather? We'll take it!

I know you're dreaming about those animation cels for $2.25 each,  but can you comprehend that it was possible to buy cufflinks at Disneyland made of real elephant tusk? It's true. 

Most of the items on this spread are priced higher than those original animation cels! Shocking. 

 Disneyland Ticket Books — good anytime!

 "Almost real" plastic plants, direct from Disneyland's Flower Market.

 We'll take Mr. Stubbs.

 The Disney books shown here are some of the best ever published. 
Jody and I have copies of every one of 'em, as a matter of fact.
But we sure don't have Diane Disney's book "personally autographed by Walt Disney" for $4.30!!  Holy moses.

 Who else had those Bambi wall cut-outs, besides me?

 Some of these games have become Disneyland merchandise classics.

 From Ruggles China Shop on Main Street. 
Those life-sized clip-on parakeets are nice, but
we're saving our money for animation cels.

From the Mad Hatter shop.  
Isn't it fun that this catalog takes us to shops around the Park? 
Each shop is different and unique, with its own themed merchandise.

We're fortunate to have a player piano ourselves, and a stack of original 
paper rolls from Disneyland's Wonderland Music Shop. We love them. 

Whew, we're finally at the back cover---but WHAT a back cover.  Disneyland Records were the best souvenirs of all, and these titles are super iconic. Some have been released on CD or iTunes by now, though not all of them. "Life of the Party" is one of our favorites, with recordings of actual player piano rolls (for those folks without pianos at home) and a sing-along booklet of the lyrics.  There are so many fine things in this catalog that are, today, the most treasured Disneyland souvenirs ever made.

So, if you could go back in time to Disneyland in 1960,
what would you buy?


Scott Sheppard said...

Great catalogue! I think the only thing that can bring back the magic of Disney days gone by is for you two to get carte blanche from the studio to fill a new catalogue with whatever you want to create. I'll be first in line to make purchases and clean out your warehouse.

Powwlita said...

Amazing! I would love that rubber Donald and the charm bracelets

Rebekah said...

20 years later at least I purchased a charm bracelet like the one shown sans rocket. I didn't realize the design went back that far. Now I love it even more. thanks.

Randal said...

Wowee Wow Wow!

Bill Cotter said...

Is it too late to order one of each? What a great find. Thanks for sharing it.

JUD said...

Wow. Animator Kit. And ticket books! Ya!

Unknown said...

I loved the fact that items were unique to the part of the park. I enjoy looking in the shops for my DL buys, but I really don't have as much fun now because everything is everywhere in the park. Not so much any of the "where did you find that?" anymore. If you see something in one place chances are pretty good you can find it later in another area of the park. I guess it seemed more uniquely special.

Unknown said...

God a signed book about Walt Disney autographed by Walt!!!! Where is my time Machine! !!

suzanne said...

I have a few of those books autographed by Walt Disney and 2 copies of the Art of Animation. There is actually a picture in that book with my mom and grandmother in it.

Debbie V. said...

Beautiful items. Lots of memories.
I looked through here carefully hoping to see the tiny brass pill box that my grandma bought on her visit to Disneyland in 1960 but no go. I still use it. It's oval, a bout an inch wide engraved with the Matterhorn, Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland entrance 5 flags and in tiny letters "Walt Disney Productions". I still use it.

Bryan said...

"Player Piano Rolls...what a gay gift for the owner of a player piano!" I found it interesting that on the same page, a Goebel Bambi was mixed in with all of the Hagen Renaker figures, and that the Bambi was called a Hummel, which is a different type of Goebel figure. Regarding the time machine concept, take me back to the 2005 Disney catalog. There were spectacular Disney collectibles, many of which were designed by two men I was not familiar with at the time, going by the names Kevin and Jody. True genius. The things I did not buy and have since kicked myself for missing out on are innumerable. I had the sense to buy a miniature pewter Pinocchio set...including a seldom seen Coachman with a never seen Alexander, and what a brilliant idea to include a sculpt of the cigar throwing Indian statue. All of the Kevin and Jody items can hold their own next to any Disney merchandise, before or since.

Nathalie said...

The Skyway Chalet ...

Kimbersnaps said...

I have that stuffed Pluto!

Critifur said...

Awesome post! Thanks.

Ronn Roxx said...

My head nearly exploded looking though this catalogue. Every page was full of stuff that made me say "Wow!"
First, a couple of questions... The Story of Walt Disney book, that is personally autographed by Walt Disney. Is this one of those deals, where he singed one and then the rest are a copy of that, or are these truly signed individually by Walt?
Player piano rolls for sale at Disneyland in the 60's? I wondered if anyone actually still had a player piano in the 60's, and/or who would buy these, and then you mentioned you have a player piano and a bunch of these rolls... who knew? Are these ones specific to Disneyland, or just generic rolls sold at Disneyland? If they have the Disneyland logo on them, they just became a collectible I need to have in my Disney music collection!
Next, I'm with you on the saving up for the animation cells. I remember my first trip to Disneyland as an adult around 1988. On the last day of my trip when I had already spent all my cash, I found a store that was selling animation cells. Each one was in a plastic bag with a piece of cardboard as backing, and placed in a cardboard box with the top cut off, so you could flip though them. I remember there were a bunch I wanted, but the dragon from Sleeping Beauty was the one I wanted most - it was around $50. As I said, I had spent all my money by this point of the trip, so I though, I'll just make a point of coming to this shop first next time I visit the park in a year or so and buy a bunch of these! Sadly a year later, the animation art craze had started and the prices of these same cells has skyrocketed. They were now framed and on the wall of the shop, with price tags of thousands of dollars. I was disappointed that I had missed my opportunity to own a bunch of these. Now its fun to see that if I could have gone back to the 60's I could have gotten them (framed) for under $5 each!
And Yes, I had that Bambi mural. It was on my crib.
The page of Disneyland Records is awesome. I have most (if not all of them) but it would be fun to walk into a shop and see all of them brand new and for sale!
Soooo, when you find that time machine, take me along with you please. But, I don't want to order from the catalogue, I want to wander around the park and buy these things from the shops around the park!