Monday, March 10, 2014

The Secret Dragonfly

Disneyland’s Soundsational Parade has some hidden surprises for those who look carefully. One of our favorites is Evinrude, the dragonfly who buzzes around in circles behind Tiana’s row boat on the Princess and the Frog unit.

Our idea to include Evinrude began as a last-minute joke between me and Jody during the parade’s dress rehearsals. Watching the big riverboat come down Main Street reminded us of a favorite Disney movie from childhood—The Rescuers—and we thought it could be fun to insert a subtle tribute to the 1977 film somewhere in Tiana’s bayou.

I constructed Evinrude in our studio practically overnight, from simple wooden shapes to match the float’s playful style. Wings were hand-cut from sheets of tinted polypropylene plastic, and the insect’s body was attached to a motorized support inside a giant waterlily.

As it turns out, the character fits perfectly with the parade’s theme as a tribute to legendary Disney sound effects artist Jimmy MacDonald. Jimmy provided sounds for hundreds of Disney films, including Evinrude’s distinctive buzz.

Sound effects genius, Jimmy MacDonald 
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Major Pepperidge said...

Very nice, I remember noticing Evinrude when I saw the parade.

thepicklebarrel said...


finky the kid said...

Fantastic! Love that you did this. I can't wait to watch the parade again to see this. Rescuers is an under-represented film in the Park.

Anonymous said...

A new fan!

Anonymous said...

I have admired your work (both Kevin and Jody) for years without knowing it was your work. I discovered your blog yesterday from a link on Didier Ghez's Disney History site. I doubt you need another fan gushing on about how marvelous you both are, but then again...My personal interest lies with Disney's Pinocchio. I didn't know Jody did the artwork for the Pinocchio & Figaro advent pin from years ago, or that you designed the Poor Pinocchio Big Fig (which sold out before I got get my hands on one). Your Pleasure Island pewter miniatures for the 65th anniversary are incredible--and historic! To the best of my knowledge, yours is only the second 3-D Coachman created for the marketplace (if one excludes the Libby glass as being a 2-D pictorial), the first being the Brayton Laguna candy jar. And I don't think anyone ever depicted Alexander before! Or the Tobacco Dispenser. You have a knack (dare I say genius) for creating such appealing icons. Just browsing through your portfolio exhausted me! How can you have done so much....and have time to write a blog. And serve coffee for a day? My sincere thanks for creating treasures to add to my collection. I hope Disney uses you to create even more incredible items for Pinocchio's 75th next year! And I'll keep my eyes open the next time I order coffee here in Orange County.

miniPau said...

Suuuper cute and engaging character!