Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Big Fig List

The List.

Several people have asked for a comprehensive list of all the big figs that Jody and I have worked on together.  And so, here it is.

This is also a fine place to mention that producing these sorts of items is always the result of a team effort.  With few exceptions, these figures were sculpted by other artists, and the success of the character likeness depends as much on their ability, as on our concepts and guidance.

We'd like to acknowledge the exceptionally talented artist Pete Emslie who drew splendid character turnarounds for many of our very best figures, and to Bo Tsai, our favorite sculptor in China.  Sadly, Bo passed away this spring, but his contribution to worldwide Disney merchandise over many decades is legendary.


Snow White Archive said...

It's sad to hear of these artists passing. I'm sure they will be missed.

Your Tenggren dwarfs have always been a favorite of mine.

Pete Emslie said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement on the figures I did rotation drawings for, Kevin. In response to this post, I just put up some of the rotations over on my blog so your readers can see what the sculptors would work from. Yeah, I'd sure love to work with you and Jody again someday - those were good times!


Yep, All the best ones. Great job guys. I have been collecting since I stumbled accross that Thumper fig at Dland back in the day. Love em all.
Very cool to finally know the names of everyone involved. Some of the best sculpts of any of these caracters ever created. Its a shame to hear about Bo, but so glad to know about him now.

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