Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Andy Anaheim!

The original Andy Anaheim model sheet, drawn by the Walt Disney Studio, early 1954.

Of course, you know all about Andy Anaheim, right?

If you just happen to be in Anaheim this Saturday, I'll be hosting a presentation about Andy at the Anaheim Historical Society CITRUS CELEBRATION in Founders' Park. It'll be old-fashioned home-towny fun.


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat! Never heard of Andy Anaheim before. He reminds me a little of some of those WWII insignia characters. I wonder who drew him. Tom Oreb?

What a neat historical find!

JJohnson said...

Looking forward to seeing Andy Anaheim comeback t-shirts available soon.

wdi33 said...

Hi Kevin- Where can we get one of those awesome Andy Anaheim t-shirts???

Snow White Archive said...

Go Andy!

Mike said...

I grew up in Anaheim and remember learning about him during our Anaheim studies in 3rd grade. Plus, I played Andy Anaheim softball with the Anaheim park and rec, growing up.

Lexi Lee Photography said...


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