Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pegged and Painted

With his solitary glass eye installed behind his eyelids and his hand-turned wooden leg varnished up like fine old furniture, he's starting to look pretty sharp.  Jody's detailed paint work on the face looks great even in close-up.  Our parrot will be viewed (and scrutinized) much closer than the original figure ever was in Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, so the details require time and tender loving care.

Coming up next:  Fur and Feathers!

• Look for the completed Pirates of the Caribbean "Barker" Parrot replica on display at the D23 Expo 2011 in Anaheim this August. The one-of-a-kind replica will be on the auction block on Saturday, August 20th as part of the Expo Live and Silent Auction.


VioletS said...

Wow... what a great job you have. :)

Ziggyru said...

I must I do love your work! And your career is a complete dream.

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