Friday, February 18, 2011

Dapper Day at Disneyland

The original Disneyland designers frequently populated their renderings with guests dressed for a day of sophisticated entertainment.  No flip-flops or cargo shorts here!  These were men in sharp suits, toddlers working two-pieces, and ladies looking like they just stepped out of Dior's sketchbook - all as if a visit to Disneyland were on par with a night at the opera.  And why shouldn't it be?

To the 9's in Tomorrowland

This Sunday's Dapper Day at Disneyland is the idea of Los Angeles designer (and fellow classic Disneyland fan) Justin Jorgensen.   On the event's Facebook page,  Justin explains that the unofficial day is all about "realizing those designers' dreams that Disneyland be seen as the upscale entertainment experience that it is, filled with guests dressed appropriately for it."

Justin suggests that dressing in a period "Man Men" look is as correct as the latest haute couture.  "Be creative, go Gaga, anything that would make legendary Disney designers Herb Ryman, Mary Blair, John Hench, Dorthea Redmond, Harriet Burns and the rest of the stylish WED lot look proud - or blush!"

Sunday, February 20.  1200 noon to 11:30pm.  
Bring your camera.  Stage an impromptu photoshoot.  See you at the park. 

Werk it.


keeline said...

Given the weather so far, I wonder if it will be "damper" day instead.


Jeff Kurtti said...

That top rendering is one of Herb's last, Disneyland Paris as experienced from a balcony of the Disneyland Hotel at the Main Gate.

Several of us took to calling these last years Herbie's "Orange Period;" so many of his Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Indiana Jones paintings were predominantly a saturated orange.

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks, Jeff. Herb Ryman's work is so fantastic, and even better when you have an opportunity to see one of his drawings or paintings up close in person.

Now that you mention it, the top rendering could be mis-interpreted as a lava flow running through Main Street! :-)

Whimsy said...

Words cannot describe how cool this is! I am much too far from Disneyland unfortunately. Maybe next year ;)

alix said...

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.
My mind is sufficiently blown.
How have I not discovered your blog before??
I'm happily obsessed with vintage Disney.
(not in the "I collect pins and Micky chachkas"....I love the design, illustration etc) and your site is amazing.

I also collect/sell vintage clothing so HOW FANTASTIC is Dapper Day???? Lordy. I'm reeeling over here.
thank you for posting all of this.
Totally made my day

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