Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Small World Figure #1250 - Spanish Dancer

Our friend Alice Davis celebrated her birthday this week, and we'd like to dedicate this post to wishing her much happiness and good health!  Happy Birthday, Dear Alice!

Small World costume designer Alice Davis and Mary Blair in 1964.


Disney On Parole said...

Wow, What great shots!
at first glance I thought it was a
performer from America On Parade! LOL

Gulzar said...

Wonderful collection of stuffs you have!

I too wanted to collect all the items of theirs...but am too too too far away!


Major Pepperidge said...

It sure looks like they smudged the flamenco dancer's cheeks with real lipstick!

Great picture of Alice and Mary.

pixiegirltink said...

Excellent post as usual Kevin! I've got the ornaments you and Jody did for Christmas a couple of years ago and I love them. Please make more IASW collectibles! I'll take one of each. :)

Your fan,

Eric Scales said...

Happy Birthday Alice!