Tuesday, April 07, 2015

To the Moon with Frank Soltesz

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Impress your earthbound friends with a souvenir of your round-trip flight to the moon aboard Disneyland's TWA Rocket!  This exciting illustration of the Moonliner exiting the Earth's atmosphere with its tripod gear retracted, was created by artist Frank Soltesz.  

Artist Frank Soltesz in his studio, circa 1947

I've been spacing out over the dynamic work of Frank Soltesz for a long time, even before I knew who he was.  His magazine ads for TWA, and especially his complex "cut-away" images will floor you.

Ken Soltesz, Frank's son, has shared with me the original TWA magazine ad that Disney used for the certificate.  The text is fun to read, as well!

Visit the Frank Soltesz Gallery on Flickr!

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Debbie V. said...

My first airplane ride was on a TWA jet from Los Angeles to St. Louis in 1973 when my grandpa passed away. I was 22. I don't remember any of the turbulence or pressure that I feel today when I fly - not sure if I just didn't notice because I was young :)
I remember I had a beautiful breakfast on a white melamine rectangular divided plate. I remember the menu - a Spanish omelet (my first), a fruit cup and banana bread with a cup of coffee in a melamine cup. I felt very grown up.
I enjoyed the Frank Soltesz cut-away pictures very much. Except for the cut away part they remind me a lot of Richard Scarry - every one is busy :)
I rode the Mission to the Moon (or whatever the name of it was) ride when I was a girl. Since we lived in La Mirada we were not far from Disneyland in the 1950-70's.
I miss the innocence of these days.