Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rocks for CHOC

"Fancy Pants" painted rock by Kevin Kidney

I can't remember the last time I painted on a rock. It could have been when I was ten years old.  Luckily I just re-discovered the simple joy of painting on a small, smooth stone about the size of a bar of soap.  It's surprisingly fun, and I might not wait so long before I attempt another one.

The rock is for a unique fundraiser benefiting the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). The CHOC Rocks tradition began with a little girl named Timmaree who painted rocks to pass the time while enduring extensive chemotherapy.

 Now, a bunch of different artists have each painted a CHOC Rock, which will be auctioned off through eBay's Giving Works program to help raise some money for CHOC. Starting on Friday August 9, 2013, anyone can view and bid on the rocks at the MousePlanet auction page. 100% of the proceeds will benefit CHOC Children's.

 My rock is all red, and has an elephant dressed in pants and a hat (honestly, it was the first thing that came to my mind!) The elephant's body is actually a negative-space painting, with the rock's natural surface showing through.


Mr. Tiny said...


Tris Mast said...

Coolest elephant-in-pants-and-hat stone ever. This rocks.

Anonymous said...

That is so clever and simple. Love the use of the rock texture for the elephant! So charming.