Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1956 Disneyland Television Art

Today Disneyland turns 57 and to celebrate, let's look at some art.  The architecture and iconography of the original park is always so fun and fresh.  I never get tired of seeing the countless ways it was translated into graphic art for publicity and merchandise.  Here is a scrumptious rendition of Fantasyland, painted in "black and white" for use on the Disneyland TV program in 1956.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, both pieces are awesome. It's amazing how great something can look in black and white!

Sean said...

I love seeing concept art from the parks and films. Where did you find it?

saftysign said...

زیباترین تابلو مغازه حال حاضر در دنیای کسب و کار که علاوه بر زیبایی به صورت درخشان می تواند نظر هر رهگذری را برباید و به تابلوی شما نگاه ها را میخکوب نماید تابلو چلنيوم می باشد که تنوع و مقاومت بالایی دارد