Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peg-Legged Legos!

We recently discovered the amazing work of Henning Birkeland, a digital artist in Norway who specializes in 3D visual effects and animation. He also happens to be a wizard with Lego bricks! Henning has built just about everything with them, from a Back To The Future Delorean to this familiar guy based on our Pirate Parrot replica for Disney.

"I had a lot of green and orange bricks that I never use so I thought I would try something different... I found out that a Parrot would be perfect for the colours. When searching for reference I found a great model made by Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily:
I did a quick model in 3D and converted it to Legobricks..."

Wow, Henning, it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

View more of Henning Birkeland's work on his website, and while you're there, be sure to watch his show reel. Good stuff!


Disney Showcase Key said...


I have a Lego-mania too.

That's a real artist.

Thierry Cattant said...

Very cute!

saftysign said...

Thank you very much

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