Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fish Tales...Part Two

This 1955 ad art just shouts Yay!  It's beautiful, colorful, charming, and kind of gross.  Still if today's Chicken of the Sea executives had any sense at all they'd bring back this mermaid.  The current logo is so utterly blah, I won't even besmirch your eyes with a picture of it. Even Charlie the Tuna has better taste.

Back to Disneyland now, for a couple photos of our favorite galleon.  Both dated June, 1969.

Panorama! The back side of the restaurant, showing the original kitchen door (far left) and the overflow outdoor dining area.   That big back door right in the center was not added to the ship until the 60s.  (If you look at the 1955 image of the "proud painter" in the previous post you can see the difference.)  

And now for another shameful plug:  The Fantasyland Pirate Ship replica is finally available starting today.  Jody and I will be at Disneyland bright and early this morning to launch a thousand ships. 
Okay, there are only 500.  


Snow White Archive said...

Yes, bring back the mermaid!

Excellent detail on your ship...super work!

Momma Nic said...

I still smell tuna?

[rich] said...

Wow! Great sculpt!

Major Pepperidge said...

I noticed that the tuna can in the illustration is a lovely red, which is unusal.

And speaking of unusual, that panorama taken from the back side of the pirate ship is fantastic!

trickortreat said...

Do you or do you not have the best job ever!!

Grimm said...

I LOVE your art work! My husband and I have several of your Disney prints on our walls.

Love the ship, btw. Can't wait to see what else you have been working on.