Thursday, September 16, 2010

"We're the Mouseketeers! We Want to Say Hello!"

So cute, it practically squeaks. These are details from a brand new painting by Jody Daily... 

"Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! You're as welcome as can be!"

The Leader of the Club!

It's ROY!

Jody's one-of-a-kind tribute to the 55th anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club television show can be seen (in its entirety!) at the upcoming D23 "Destination D" Event in Anaheim, September 24-25.  Several of the original Mouseketeers will be there in person (all grown up now, shockingly!)  Jody and I will be there, too, with some new collectibles just perfect for the occasion.  See you there?


[rich] said...

As always Sweet work! The collectables look great!

Anonymous said...

Just curious - do you ever just create something for yourselves...?? Everything you two do just blows our minds and we're just curious..... : )

Dan Alexander said...

Brilliant work! Jody's Dumbo is the bee's knees.

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