Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Sound of Tiki!

A little while ago I designed a series of paper images for a brand new CD release  of unusual and never-before-published Exotica recordings.  Sven Kirsten's "The Sound of Tiki" is the long awaited audio companion to his epic "Book of Tiki" published by Taschen.  

Photographing the cover image

"The Sound of Tiki" is a 44-minute musical cocktail for the ears, and a 52-page full color book of informative candy for the eyes.  
I'm happy to say the everything turned out beautifully!

Preview on YouTube:

Or get Sven to sign your CD in person on Thursday April 29 


Matt said...

Excellent, can't wait to get it!

Paula said...

Sounds fab! (Why aren't you wearing a Hawaiian shirt in your photo?)

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks guys!

Paula, Rule #1: Wear grubbies if your hands are gonna be dripping with glue!

Chuck Munson said...

That cover looks awesome and I enjoyed the other images as well in the preview. A real hip (or is it hep) package!

erika said...

Beautiful music AND beautiful art. Yes Please!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!! So inspirational.

Brother Bill said...

Just in time for Mother's Day!!

Dana said...

great stuff here!
I found you at flickr (/cherrycore)
I also work for disney, but I can´t show what we do, I live in Argentina.
I do mostly video games for them....and I am a big fan!

Tom Slick said...

Hey, your Hukilau items game out nice! I wish I could go...they are already in the hukilau store.

Main Street said...

Great post!!
I have been following your blog for a while now and I love everything you create.
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Thanks! Maybe you will recognize them and will be able to give me more information on them since the woman I purchased them from didn't seem to know much...

Brian Sibley said...

Nice cover Kevin!

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