Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Swiss Family Tree Sprouts

It's the early part of 1962 and six tons of steel are rapidly 
becoming the Family Robinson's island homestead.
Had construction stopped right here it still would have 
been a very impressive work of minimalist modern art.

By summer things are filling out fast.  
Wood planks across scaffolding provide access for the 
crew attaching branches and red vinyl leaves by hand.

Artful rock formations are sculpted of concrete over a steel 
frame for the jungle riverbed at the tree's base.

While way up high, a sloping roof is fashioned of fireproofed 
palm thatch for the "Crow's Nest", treetop quarters of the 
three Robinson boys, Fritz, Ernst, and Francis.  
(Notice the telephone in the foreground, for 
emergency calls back to civilization.)


Chris Merritt said...

Wow - I've never seen most of these shots - great stuff! The Treehouse is an example of really sophisticated design...

Kyle said...

Hey Kevin! Great to know that you're doing fine & back blogging again. I've missed reading your blog posts the past couple of months. Congratulations on your new home! Buying your first place is a different, yet exciting experience. The great fun is in making it your own, which I'm sure you've been busy doing.

Great pics of the SFR Treehouse construction & opening announcement. I miss the old treehouse; always liked the organ music that played, which I could hear while in line for Pirates. I last saw it in April 1996, before they converted it over to Tarzans pad. Thanks again & enjoy your new home!

Daveland said...

Incredible! So amazing to see the first photo and then compare it to the final product.

me said...

SFR was my favorite... I loved thinking about the architecture and just how they lived day-to-day. I loved visiting it at Disneyland... so sad it is gone.

AJ Wolfe said...

Looks astounding! And so "out there in the open!" Glad to see any and every post from you, and this is a beautiful one.

Eltee said...

Wow - the memories came flooding back... every step of the old SFR Treehouse from my days back in the last millenium - as a janitor - the treehouse was on my list of cleaning duties.

every night for one hour emptying trash, sweeping, mopping the top level, and emptying ash cans.

amazing. Thanks for this.