Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snow What?

If you love Christmas songs of all kinds - even the oddball ones - ask Santa to bring you the new home-made double-CD compilation from
Snow What? A LuxuriaMusic Holiday Happening is 39 tracks of vintage audio weirdness pieced together by the music-geeks at my favorite internet radio station.

A $25 donation (which entirely helps Luxuria keep the turntables spinnin' into the new year) will introduce some rare gems to your record shelf, including: Lem the Orphan Reindeer, Indian Santa, Beatnik's Wish, Santa's Italian Wife, Candyland Christmas Ball, and more.

I've been listening all week in my car and can't get enough of The Day Snowflakes Were Born. It's ... indescribable.

Get it here.


Paula said...

Lovely cover, Kevin!

Unknown said...

great tip--just ordered it!!

Greg Maletic said...


Anonymous said...

Great art and design Kevin! I love it

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Luxuria site--so you! Great masthead art too!

Amy said...

How did I not look at your blog for the entire month of December and missed this? I guess I'll have to buy it and prepare for next Christmas. Happy new year!