Monday, September 28, 2009

Cuttin' Capers with Cut-Paper

Not long ago I shared a cut-paper collage of a galloping horse created in 1959 for the fantastic Walt Disney's Magazine.  The overall effect of the piece is stunning, even when viewed out of context from the article it was intended for. 

At long last, here's the illustration in the proper usage. Go Moochie!!

Thanks a heap to my pals Jim Hollifield and Todd Sawvelle for generously bestowing upon me an ENTIRE collection of Walt Disney's Magazine (and The Mickey Mouse Club Magazine AND the Annuals!)  You guys are stellar!


Unknown said...

Why? Because we LIKE you! Seriously,we wish more Disney fans would discover these magazines. There's such joy and wonderment in so many of them, so you deserve them! Jim and Todd

The Hatbox Ghost said...

Make a paper cut-up thingamajiggie of meeeeee. Oh, pleeeeease — pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease.

And give me pants.

The Sea said...

oh my goodness! this is incredible!

John Rozum said...

What a fantastic gift. I had many, many dogeared issues from when I was child and some in better shape I found at yardsales, all of which were destroyed by a burst water pipe long before blogs and scanners. Seeing the pages you've shared here is a real treat for the nostalgia and for the design of the artwork.

Thanks for sharing these. Feel free to share more in the future. I promise not to complain.

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