Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pistol Packin' Poltergeists
Up against the wall... Marc Davis' dueling portraits, 1960s.

The Haunted Mansion opened its doors to humans forty years ago today, on August 9, 1969.  It's still one of the finest theme park experiences ever created.

Disneyland is hosting some spooky doin's throughout the next 
month, and Jody and I are excited to be involved.  Stay tuned.


Joke said...

Excellentness. We shall demand a continuous stream of updates and things.

Daveland said...

Kevin - Hope to see you on 9/9!

Marcy Massura said...

Hey Kevin...I am hoping to get to chat with you on 9.9

Should be a fun time. Cuz ghosts and poltergists ALWAYS make for a good time don't they?
The Glamorus Life Association

(ooo you should allow name/url comments. So I can list my current site. Not just a google site! FYI)

Tom Slick said...

Hey brotha! I was there in person on 080909, and rode the H.M. twice! Reason being? Cuz they have made NOTICEABLE fixes such as replacing lightbulbs in the carriage in the cemetary to the ghostly image "floating" inside the crypt near the opera singer. Also, the hitchhiking ghosts looked more vibrant, and Leotas room had more stuff floating around. I haven't seen some of these effects work since I was a youngin!

Also, I think I spotted what may be the HatBox Ghost return. It was hidden in the attic behind what looked like stacked boxes to hide it. It was in complete darkness, so I cannot be 100% certain, but I seen what seemed to be the stovepipe hat, hunch back and an elevated hatbox being held. It was really tempting to snap a flash photo! Also there used to be boxes directly across from the bride, which is now an empty pad. Maybe he is being tested afterhours, and slid foward out of the dark, to get him ready for his return, or maybe it was just my imagination...I guess I'll know for sure come 090909!

Oh, and it was good seeing you and Jody at the convention! Take care

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Hello Kevin-

Thanks for visiting my blog-I love your surname!

Interesting to learn you also design for Disney-I looked at your web page and there's some beautiful work-congratulations!



Gulzar said...

wicked~ am dying to know what else I shall get to see...

Keep well!


Major Pepperidge said...

Do you happen to know if the dueling gentleman's face is a reused "Pirates" face?

Kevin Kidney said...

Hi Major, This fellow's face is also the Auctioneer's. His opponent is a pirate, as well, also from the auction scene.
Reincarnation IS possible!