Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Tropics go Technicolor at the American Cinematheque's Tiki Luau Weekend at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. See a classic island musical romance PAGAN LOVE SONG (starring Esther Williams and Howard Keel), a hot-blooded Hawaiian soap opera DIAMOND HEAD (with Charlton Heston), and the volcanic adventure THE DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK (featuring Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra.

The Egyptian's courtyard will host a "Southern California-style" Luau Dinner with live musical entertainment by King Kukulele and the Polynesian Paradise Dancers on July 25.  


Anthony said...

Kevin, this looks wonderful!
Wish that I could go, but Tommy and I are going to the San Diego Comic-Con that weekend. :(
If it weren't for that, I would SO be there! And I'd probably take my BFF, Lisa, who totally loves tiki... Oh, well.

Your paper tiki sculpture (?) is great! Did you also do all the lettering for the promo poster? Sorry, I'm sure I'm not using the proper terms. Anyway, it ALL looks so perfect!

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks, Anthony. It's a fun annual event (fifth year!) that will no doubt be impacted by Comic-Con happening at the same time. I know you guys will have a great time.
And yep, the tiki and typeface are mine. I've been wanting to experiment with paper-thin wood in an illustration, and this seemed to be my chance.

Pete Emslie said...

Coincidentally, I just saw "The Devil at 4 O'Clock" for the first time about a week ago when it was run on TCM. I'm amazed that there are still a few Sinatra films that have eluded me over the years, but the checklist is nearly complete now. Two impressions from the film: Barbara Luna is exotically gorgeous and I must do a caricature of her one day. The older Spencer Tracy had to be a big influence on the design of Carl in Pixar's "Up". Even the casting of Ed Asner to do his voice makes sense, as Asner and Tracy have a very similar vocal quality.

I love your tiki logo of course, Kevin. Your designs always have so much visual appeal and a genuine sense of joy to them!