Thursday, March 12, 2009

Make an Abstract Mobile

Legendary Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump with a few of his kinetic mobiles and sculptures, c.1963. Incredibly cool.

Want to make your own mobile?  Here's a fantastic "how to published in Popular Science Monthly, December 1954.  This abstract pattern was designed by John Lynch of New York City's Museum of Modern Art:

1. Cut abstract shapes from cardboard or light-gauge sheet metal.

2. For the arms, bend the ends of soft 16-gauge wire into loops and attach the cut-out shapes.

It's all about balance.


Disney On Parole said...

Way Cool!

Matt said...

you're so right - incredibly cool! thanks for sharing!

Matt said...

I love all of Rolly Crump's designs. I wish I had gotten to see the Tower of the Four Winds, but ever so slightly before my time.

Chris Merritt said...

Where on earth did you find that?

Anna Luther said...

this is absolutely great!

SGV said...

I'd like to try this (using plastic).

The picture isn't clear to me how the arms attach to one another.

Any help out there?

John Coulter said...

I have this book too. Its awesome.
Thanks for posting it.