Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry and Bright

It's Christmas at our house

Speaking of priceless heirlooms and exquisite trash, it's Christmas at our house once again! Everything that bakes in the attic heat all summer is allowed a month-long recess in the living room. (Some sad news: those little candles shaped like choir kids didn't make it this year.)

The driftwood/lamp creation on the mantelpiece is a thrift store score, as is all of our furniture and, well, everything else we own.

It's Christmas at our house
In keeping with the traditional "no room at the inn" theme, there's no room to walk or sit down in here.

It's Christmas at our house! Vintage wrapping paper? You betcha, we use it, but only for our friends who really appreciate it, which is all of them...


Daveland said...

What an awesome holiday spread; looks like something out of a vintage architectural digest!

Burgin Streetman said...

man oh man, can I move in?... just brilliant. Your blog rocks by the way.

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks very much!

I certainly wish we were hosting our Christmas party this year.
NEXT year!