Monday, October 06, 2008

Swiss Family Treehouse...25¢

Disneyland Adventureland Ticket Signs, 1960s

The ticket and information kiosks that had dispensed pastel attraction tickets to Disneyland visitors for nearly 30 years,  permanently shuttered their little windows in 1982.  Though a few of the original ticket booths still exist in the park (Alice in Wonderland's giant mushroom, for instance) others, like this beautiful little thatched hut, have disappeared forever. 

Disneyland Adventureland Ticket Booth, 1960s

I really like these compact microcosms of themed architecture.  Did you notice the Tiki Room drum attached to the pole in the photos above? Branching out from the drum are two gas torches to spread a flickering glow over the area after sundown.

Disneyland Adventureland Ticket sign 1960s

Disneyland Adventureland Ticket Sign, 1970s

Ten attractions for $3.75!

Disneyland Adventureland Ticket Window, 1970s

I'd like to buy $10 worth of Swiss Family Treehouse, please.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Super post Kevin, I always LOVE ticket booths!!!! That painted window with the prices is SO cool! And the "in park" ticket book price sign is a rare treat too (as are those tickets!!!) THANKS!

jedblau said...

That window is a beauty.

Amy said...

I've never seen photos of this before. Oh to step back in time.

Unknown said...

Great photos!

The Ticket Booths are such a strange anomaly to me, since I didn't get to see them in action.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Got back sooner than expected. I see you have been busy. Love the ticket booths. Remember them well. Thank you for all the cool stuff. Love the Bali Hai stuff to. Arthur Lyman, saw him many times. Great music.

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks everyone!

Viewliner,LTD --You got see Arthur Lyman perform?? I am impressed and jealous. I grew up with my Dad's walnut-wood stereo cabinet full of wonderful albums including Lyman's "Bahia" album which is one of the few Tiki influences on my young life. The sounds of his birds and frogs (I had no idea until later that the band members were making these sounds themselves) were so atmospheric and turned out white-walled 70s living room into a moonlit jungle clearing. Thanks for your comment - I'd love to hear more about your memories of his performances!