Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Angus MacBadger Day

Today, October 29th 2008, marks the twentieth anniversary of Angus MacBadger Day! To those of you out there who celebrate the occasion (the number grows every year) I raise my glass to you with pride and plaid unfurled. Happy A. Mac B. Day!


Scott H said...

The most underrated Disney film of all time, and I believe the only one all 9 worked on at the same time, along with the great Freddie Moore.

The Viewliner Limited said...

One my true favorites. And the funny thing is, I am starting to look like Angus. Ah yes!! The worst thing about getting old is "GETTING OLD" hah! hah! hah!

Wonderful blog Kevin and I truly enjoy your talent and work. Richard.

Mr. Lincoln said...

Angus MacBadger Day...I love it!

Some of the animation of Mr. Toad getting "motor mania" is my all time favorite.

Love the blog by the way!

Tony DiStefano said...

To Angus and to Milt Kahl for animating Angus so beautifully!