Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Last week I posted three paintings I made for the 30th anniversary of "The Love Bug." This week I'm going to drive the extra mile by featuring a hardlines item I did for the same “retro Herbie” assortment. 

This is a VW-shaped “trinket box” for holding all your... you know... trinkets.
"Herbie the Love Bug" Trinket Box
Honestly it’s not even large enough to contain a spark plug, but as with most “collectibles” useful function isn't really the point.

The exciting challenge was translating the wonky graphic style of the flat artwork into a similarly wonky 3-D sculpture. To help make sure the shapes would be appealing, I made a preliminary Herbie out of Sculpey and cast up a couple of them in resin. 

(Can you tell he has a subliminal happy face?

I painted one of the resin casts and worked out the racing stripes and 53s on pieces of paper over the contours. 

This prototype was just three inches long – but it was a handy reference when sculpting the final version.


Carlos Oliveros said...

my name is Carlos, i´m fron spain, i´d like you blog, and your pictures.
i thing i´t could be beautiful your work.

see you.

Eric Scales said...

Very nice Kevin. Thanks!

Pete Emslie said...

Hey Kevin,

I've been enjoying all of your Disney handiwork (and Tiki stuff too!) here on your blog. This little Herbie is really fun. The heck with trinkets, though - I say fill up under the hood with a couple ounces of Irish coffee!

wdi33 said...


I LOVE your work! Was this Herbie created and sold??? If only Disney sold more items like the stuff you and Jody create! They would never have any financial issues with their retail outlets!

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks for the great comments!

Pete, I just conducted a little experiment and Herbie can hold exactly 2 ounces of Irish coffee. Just enough to turn your axles to rubber!

Mr Banks said...

My name is Ken Bruce. I'm from Los Angeles. I like your blog and your pictures. I think it could be beautiful your work.

And those Herbies are FANTASTIC!