Friday, June 27, 2008

Disneyland Main Street Lamplighter Illustration, 1955

"THE 90'S REVISITED; Twilight on Main Street is marked by the old lamplighter who makes his evening rounds to set the gas lamps glowing. Living memories for a few, a new adventure for most. Here along the gaslit stretches of Main Street will be found the ice cream parlor of grandmother's day, re-created in authentic detail from the almost forgotten past. Bridging the years for both young and old who visit this Disneyland creation is the name Carnation. Founded before the turn of the century, the Carnation Company continues to this day to provide ice cream comparable to the legendary quality of those wonderful confections of the home freezer."

Disneyland Main Street Lamplighter Painting, 1955The final painting was also used as one of Disneyland's first souvenir postcards.

Disneyland Main Street Illustrations, 1955"Here in the unhurried atmosphere of this 19th century setting, visitors to Disneyland can enjoy giant sundaes and satin-smooth sodas made with famous Carnation Ice Cream and Fresh Milk...just as did "Victorians" of another era enjoy ice cream in similar parlors. Those of this generation will find the past recaptured and blended with a modern-day tradition --the enjoyment of fresh dairy products of a quality that has identified Carnation for more than half a century. Such wonderful flavors as Rainbow, Fresh Peach, and Pineapple are but a few of the countless tempting treats that will be served up in the gracious manner of the 90's to all who pause for refreshment during a day at Disneyland."

Disneyland Tikis on Main Street, 1960
And speaking of Main Street...Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room marked its 45th Anniversary with a special merchandise event on Main Street this week. Apparently this wasn't the first time a Tiki could be purchased outside of shown by this little news item from Vacationland Magazine, 1960.


The Viewliner Limited said...

This is a very simple reply: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, where the heck does this stuff come from? Really amazing! Thanks as always for sharing!

Daveland said...

Very cool post - I think I like the sketch better than the final ad. Great to finally meet you - am keeping my fingers crossed on the fountain!

Unknown said...


Great details on the sketch and the painting.

The World Famous Andrew said...

Hi Kevin!

If you were, as I'm fairly certain, at Disneyland on Thursday, and spoke briefly to an overenthusiastic Cast Member at the Tiki Room named "Andrew," that was me!

Next time you are in the park, please come on in and say hi! I'd love to speak with you about the Tiki Room at some point!

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