Saturday, May 24, 2008


Recently, as gifts for a few of our friends who are also cool enough to appreciate such stuff, Jody Daily and I went to work with x-actos in hand and recreated several of the paper animation puppets from the 1962 Disney featurette "A Symposium On Popular Songs." Though not widely known today, it was included on last year's silver box DVD release "Disney Rarities."

Stop-Motion Paper Puppet - Boogie Woogie Girl
A fun parody of one of the Andrews Sisters
(Patty, no doubt, with that blonde hair.)
This was a gift to our dearest blonde friend in the whole wide world Stacia Martin.

Stop-Motion Paper Puppet - Bing Crosby

Ever since I had two eyes, I've admired the rare stop-motion animation done by the Disney Studio in the 1960s, especially the fanciful opening title sequences to "The Parent Trap" and "The Misadventures of Merlin Jones" (starring Tommy Kirk and Annette!)
I think these brief animated moments are every bit as fun as -if not even more fun than -the live-action stories that follow.

Stop-Motion Paper Puppet, Bing
"I'm Blue For You....Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo..."
Why, it's a little paper Bing, with a body of string!

Stop-Motion Paper Puppet - Fortune Cookie Bakery Man
The Fortune Cookie Bakery Man!

Justice and Atencio
The genius animation duo of Bill Justice and X. Atencio, the guys who originally came up with all these terrific character designs. Here they are in 1962 working on the "Red Hot Rutabaga Rag" sequence performed by vegetables. It's no wonder these fellas are my heroes.

Of course in the film, Professor Ludwig Von Drake modestly accepts all the credit for the paper animation sequences. Though he is a genius (make no mistake), we know the truth...
Ludwig Von Drake's Paper Dolls

I suspect by now, you're curious to see some of the original paper animation in "A Symposium On Popular Songs."

Well, Here you go...


David said...

I am continually blown away by the talent you two have. I wish I could create just 1% of what you guys produce. Thanks for sharing!

Kevin Kidney said...

Thank you very much, David!

Michael Sporn said...

Beuatiful recreations; excellent work. The short film really is the culmination of the films by Bill Justice & Xavier Atencio. I've long been an admirer.

Acetate (Frank Ziegler) said...

Hi Kevin I just recently stumbled upon your blog. I too love paper cut-out style animation ! I have several of my own short films on youtube that feature this technique. I thought you might like them. I'm not savy enough to link here but if you type in Frank Ziegler or Kimmy, Danger Agent you should find them. Enjoy and keep spreading the word on paper animation ! By the way I have that shirt !

hank said...

no way i'm a kidney animator too.

i hardly ever come across another kidney,let alone a kidney animator.


Unknown said...


What a great project to do! You and Jody always produce some amazing art.

jedblau said...

Fantastic stuff and a GREAT clip!

outsidetheberm said...

Wow, Kevin. Amazing work.

Beast said...

Very Cool!

Centaurette said...

Wow--"Symposium" is an amazing film! Not only is Paul Frees in great Von Drake vocal form, but it is nice to hear singer Gloria Wood ("Slow Boat To China," "Hey, Bellboy" and "A Christmas Adventure in Disneyland") as both the "Charleston Charlie" flapper AND "Patty Andrews." Your paper sculptures, like all the other things in your portfolio, are just incredible!

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks a whole lot, Everybody, for the terrific comments.

Centaurette, I love your icon image. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin
It's a beautiful tribute, well executed, I love all images!

And thanks for the info! I don't know these cut-out animations from Disney, they are wonderful!

Unknown said...

K & J: Sorry Hayley and I missed you on 5/30 & 5/31. We DID see your art at the Great Moments with Steve Martin exit, and at the Disneyana Shop Gallery. Amazing, as always. We did get to see Stacia and Hans, which was very nice.

Mick said...

Would you possibly consider making a few to sell?Not like a Violation of Disney or something just to sell. I LOVE the Andrew Sisters and think your Craftyness is Supercool!
You can Contact me at