Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Hercules Parade Model, 1997

I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but working on the Disneyland parade which debuted at the time of the film's release is a fond memory.

Here is my original plastic and wood model based on Jody's concept for a float in the "Hercules Victory Parade" which ran at Disneyland in 1997. Jody's idea was for a deadly carnival ride, with Hades' henchmen Pain and Panic careening around on a rickety roller coaster track, in and out of metal doors at the front and rear of the float. Medusa's gaping mouth conjured a fun-house tunnel, while a giant rusted iron figure of Hades had spinning saw blades on the ends of its arms. A costumed performer as the "real" Hades stood on a pedestal overlooking the scene.

All of us working on the parade particularly loved the soundtrack for this unit, which consisted of psychotic circus music and the unending screaming of the characters riding the little roller-coaster.

Does anybody out there have decent pictures of the final float? I didn't take a single shot of the parade when it was running, and I've been kicking myself over it for a whole decade.


Chris Merritt said...

I loved this float! I didn't realize you guys did this... I wish I had taken pictures of this unit - the little screaming Pain & Panic on the coaster were hysterical....

jriggity said...



billybtall said...

Hey I performed as Hades in the Hercules Parade at Disneyland when it opened in 1997. I had a great time up there on that platform, the views were fantastic!
I'm sure I've got tons of pictures somewhere, I'll look for them.