Monday, January 14, 2008

Mary Blair Handbag

Mary Blair South American Bag
Originally uploaded by Miehana
Another gift I made for my dear friend, Lush Newton, who not only loves Mary Blair, but is an unbelievable artist and painter herself. The Disney illustration was published as a Hallmark greeting card in 1948.

The pieces are cut from wool felt and hand-stitched together. The donkey's bridle and spots are shiny pink satin ribbon, which contrasts spiffily to the matte texture of the felt.

I always say, if you can't find that perfect gift for someone in a store, you really need to make it yourself.


Chris Merritt said...

These are AMAZING!!!!

Man - do I want a Cyril wooden toy....

You are such a talented artist - amazing stuff. I need a Charles Phoenix doll too - SHOCKING!

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks, Chris!

You're not the first to suggest a Charles doll to me! I wonder if Charles would go for it. It could have a pull ring and say a few Phoenix-isms like "STAAAGGERING!" ;-)

Thanks for your comment, Chris! I was wondering if anybody had discovered these posts. Hope you're doing great!

Daveland said...

Felt & Mary Blair - a great combo. Perfect choice of materials. Nice job again, Kevin.

Major Pepperidge said...

All of these items are really fantastic, Kevin. I agree with Chris, that Cyril toy is so wonderful (love the way it's painted). And the felt Mary Blair bag...such a unique idea. Your friend is certainly lucky!

elsevier said...

dear kevin Kidney,
I have seen your beautiful artwork on the Magic Highway Disney film on Paleofuture. I would like to publish these in a special issue about cars of the Dutch magazine Elsevier. Would that be possible at all? I am already in contact with Disney about th rights, but their proceedings are a bit slow... Please let me know soonest! My deadline is the end of this week. Thank you in advance,
best regards,

Mary Oosterbaan
Photo Editor Elsevier
Radarweg 29
1043 NX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31-20-559900 (fax)