Monday, June 30, 2008

Disneyland Red Wagon Inn Illustration, 1955
Let's journey back to "grandmother's day" with more wonderful artwork - part of an original pencil layout- created in 1955 for a rare full-color newspaper section presenting some of the " many delights and wonders that are yours to enjoy at Disneyland."

The text written to accompany this page:
"The Red Wagon Inn is one of several charming eating places in Disneyland. It is resplendent in the elegance of a by-gone era reminiscent of the famed eating houses of yesterday. All appointments are authentic mementos of the gay and glamorous 90's--including the stained glass ceiling, entrance hall and foyer taken from the S. James home in Los Angeles, one of the West's most noted old mansions. Atmosphere, however, is not confined to the building alone. The menu itself brings back visions of historic good eating --featuring steaks and chops."

Disneyland Market House Illustration, 1955
"Grandmother shopped in a store like Swift's Market House on Disneyland's Main Street. Here we find the old-fashioned butcher in straw hat and cuffs, the pot-bellied stove and shelves lined with authentic old-time meat and grocery products. Swift & Company, whose quality meats are served exclusively in Disneyland, is the sponsor of this exhibit."

"The Chicken Plantation at Disneyland is a gay antebellum river plantation house, reproduced in every nostalgic detail. French Provincial decor and old Southern Hospitality make the Chicken Plantation a memorable spot. You'll want to visit the Plantation soon and enjoy tender grown Swift's Premium Chicken."


Davelandweb said...

Kevin - These pencil sketches are incredible. Really digging them! Thanks for posting them.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, those are some beautiful drawings! Do you have any idea at all who the artist might have been? Sam McKim maybe?

Major Pepperidge said...

Actually, now that I look closer, to the right of the foreground couple appears to be the letters "S M"....

Biblioadonis aka George said...


The drawings are fantastic. Such an amazing look at what was being planned and produced for the park.

Kevin Kidney said...

Glad you're enjoying these! Aren't they unique? There are more to come. I do not own the originals, and unfortunately, neither does the archives at Disney . This whole lot was sold off to the public by Disney in an online auction several years ago. At least we have these jpeg images to study and enjoy.

The text is really fun to read too. So evocative of how "authentic" the Park's experiences were originally intended.